High Quality Custom Woven Sewing Labels for Homage Couture

Decades ago while I was in high school and long before the internet, I ordered some sewing labels from a mail order form in the back of a magazine.  They were black with my name embroidered in scratchy gold metallic thread. I only used a few of them.  Seeing my name on my clothes was too reminiscent of “this belongs to” childhood labels. Too soon.  And, not really my style.

This Spring I was watching a Sandra Betzina video and she was chatting about attaching her label as an inexpensive finishing touch.  It made perfect sense to me. Though I knew this would not be inexpensive to pull off in Canada, I decided it was worth looking into.

After researching options on the internet, I decided if I was going to do this I was not going to cut corners as I didn’t want another box of cheap labels that I’d never use. Cruz Label in LA had a good user friendly website so I requested a quote for their highest quality woven label.  Several emails later, I ordered my labels (500 black and 500 white). $335USD which would ultimately convert to well over $400 Canadian dollars.  Not an inexpensive touch by my standards.  Especially given that I typically cut labels off ready to wear before they hang in my closet.

I dismissed the possibility that this was a silly unnecessary cost given the sentimentality of the labels. Emma was my grandma and Mai was my auntie.  Both contributed immensely to my love of making stuff and both moved on over 30 years ago.  I love the idea of seeing their names on my clothes.  A tribute to the two creative women who who sparked my passion is the basis for “Homage Couture”.

It took several weeks and another $50 Cdn in import fees to get the final labels bringing the total to $450 Cdn.  I then experimented with them on my most recent makes and determined that a size 10 universal needle with a stitch length of 2 was the best. Hand stitching the ends works fine when machine topstitching isn’t ideal.

It’s been a few months and I’m really happy with the labels.  They are not scratchy and they look as good after several washes as when I first applied them. I love the sentimentality of them even more today.  I do wish this quality of label was available in Canada at a more reasonable price.

I’ve become Mrs. Roper and I Don’t Care.

My collection of caftans started several years ago. I finally learned that covering up was the trick to staying cool and unburnt in the intense sun. No more chemical burns from sunscreens! In Vegas, it also means I can transition from the pool to the casino to a restaurant back to the pool to the spa to the mall quickly without having to keep running all the way up to my room to change. A great selling point for me given my ability to tolerate the sun and heat for only, by most people’s standards, a very short period of time.

I’ve tried out a few caftan patterns and McCalls 5855 is by far my favourite. I literally threw away my others when I mastered this one.  As far as making this in one hour . . . you know how that goes.  Why do they even bother saying that?!  New sewists are the only ones that fall for that trick and it’s so discouraging. Continue reading

2017 SewStylish Spring Fashion Contest Entry

Dive into Spring in this Gorgeous Two-Faced Digital Rose/Geometric Scuba Knit

This multi piece wardrobe takes advantage of all the amazing features of this fabric.
Sandra Betzina’s Vogue 1540 topper makes use of the double border digital roses on top and bottom and the shaped hem allows for the geometric reverse side of the fabric to show.

Vogue 8659 (OOP) tunic and capris were used for the remaining 5 pieces as this is my go to pattern when I want minimal seams and generous drape. I omitted the centre front and back seams on the tunics and maxi. I made two sets of the tunic and the capris with reverse fabric bands on the hems — one set with the digital roses and one set with the geometric print. The maxi dress is simply the tunic lengthen, which allowed me to use the double border again on both the top shoulders/neck and the bottom. Continue reading

And Sew it was . . . My First 10-Day Sewcation

Vegas or Bust.  Bust.  Definitely, Bust!

I typically go to Vegas this time of year. Sometimes with friends. Sometimes with my Mom. Sometimes solo (helloooo strong independent women!). Always in the pursuit of fashion and sewing inspiration.

This year the world has given me plenty of inspiration not to travel and to finally do the 100% sewcation I’ve always dreamt of in my comfy home and in my awesome city full of reasonable, peaceful people. Sew, I committed myself to do nothing but sew for ten days.

I couldn’t have done it without you, Bernie.

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